The Parable of the box

They met at primary school and both of them were firm friends by the age of Severn.
They invented a game with a box that would keep them occupied for hours.
The teacher saw them playing the box game and thought it was one if the funniest thing ever. The box game was played to the class. Everybody loved it.
Word went round and the head master asked them to play the box game for the entire school. Everybody loved it.
They both went to the same secondary school and they played the box game in drama. Everybody loved it
Word got round and when they left school they played the box game
at the local pub on ‘talent night.’ Everybody loved it.
The landlord offered them a regular slot. Everybody loved it.
An agent came and booked them on a national tour and box game became popular all over the country. Everybody loved it.
An American producer saw the the show and wanted to tour the box game in The States promising them more money than either of them thought possible. Everybody loved it
When they came home they found the old box they used to play with when they were little.
They both looked at the old box and immediately felt embarrassed. They’d both forgotten why they’d played the box game in the first place – and it hurt.
Never forget what made you want to make theatre in the first place.



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